How our color palette comes to life.

Have you ever wondered how we come up with our colors each season? You might be surprised that we start the season offering 19 colors to our retail partners! With two seasons, Spring and Fall, that’s almost 40 colors per year. 

After more than 30 years in business, we have a vast library of colors, lab dips and swatches, and Pantone books galore! We start the selection process a little over a year in advance. For example, at the time of this writing, October 2022, we have finalized the colors for Fall 2023.

Layering natural fibers in varying textures is our specialty. Layering by combining textures in monochromatic colors or mixing the colors and hand-dyed patterns gives an outfit a rich and effortless look. 

The more combinations we can make that harmonize and excite, the better. Here’s what we consider in our color stories.



We love to play and experiment with colors and patterns on our fabrics: cotton jersey, linen, cotton sweater knit, and linen/cotton gauze. This has led us to unique color combinations that are actually hand dyed by artists onto each garment, giving each piece a distinct look. 

Seasonal Trends

We’re known for being modern, artistic, and different from the mainstream. While we know what’s happening in the market, we’re careful not to jump on trends and end up repeating what’s already out there. 

Past Bestsellers 

With 30 years of historical data, we know things like how our customers love ranges of blues and pops of bold colors. It’s a delicate balance of giving our customers what they love from Cynthia Ashby while delighting them with something new.

After several weeks of playing, swapping, and narrowing down colors, we make the final selection. We make sure to have a rainbow of colors (blues, oranges, yellows). Then it’s time to make and dye the samples and merchandise outfits for photography. Even with all our planning, the customer ultimately decides how she wears and combines her Cynthia pieces.

We love to see how our customers put their unique stylistic stamp on their Cynthia Ashby outfits. Be sure to tag us on social media. 

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