What we’re grateful for this year.

This time of year my thankful thoughts turn toward the great crew at Cynthia Ashby Inc.  Work has always been a happy place for me. What I love most is walking through the door and hearing excited voices when new samples are finished. Or the intense scurrying around to meet a deadline. Or just the quiet concentration of heads down, sewing machines whirring and quiet music in the background. I think about my crew a lot during holidays hoping they are making the most of it. 


Many of us spend our holidays providing for our families or friends ensuring that they have a nice holiday. It’s my hope they get some time for themselves to relax and savor the holiday. I decided this year to chat with each of the crew about their plans for the holidays. We reflected on this past year and shared what we were grateful for. Lina put it well when she said, “When you love your work and the people you work with, it just makes life better.” This company is our baby and we all take pride in being a part of its growth. 
Here is what this lovable crew is up to this Thanksgiving:




Paola is an excellent cook. She will be making her traditional stuffing recipe-she stuffs the Turkey with ground beef mixed with dried fruits. The recipe is typical of Mexico City. Paola has a great achievement to be thankful for this year.
After 23 years, she became a US citizen! 


Mariana is looking forward to hanging out with her girlfriends on Thanksgiving Day. She is most grateful for her good health!



Yessenia goes into zen mode when ironing and says it’s very therapeutic. She has much to be thankful for this year. This holiday season she will be reunited with her father after 22 years!

Christine has boundless energy. When we take test shots of her for our photo shoots and they are literally blurry! She will be hosting Thanksgiving this year with her kids, parents and siblings all in attendance. Christine has a new/old thing to be grateful for: Her name! After an amicable divorce, she is changing her last name back to her birth name.


Lina will be making the traditional Thanksgiving meal for her family. However, she plans to steal some of Cassy’s jalapeno cranberry sauce from our work Thanksgiving meal the day before. Lina is grateful for her good health and a reunion with her parents. They are visiting this December. It’s been 20 years since she has seen her father! 





Teresa will be hosting Thanksgiving this year for her family. She is extremely grateful for her health. Four years ago she had a kidney transplant! Today she is feeling great. She was able to visit relatives in Mexico this year for the first time since the transplant. And for that she is grateful!


Miguel is our social butterfly. He’s also the guy who brings sweets to the office. He looks forward to the holidays at Cynthia Ashby because it’s a time we share foods and recipes from all of our different families and cultures. He enjoys the stories and chatter as we all reflect on our lives and plans for positive changes next year.


Alberto is planning a low key meal for family. He mainly wants to relax over the long weekend. Alberto is always the first one in the door each morning at 5AM! He says things like “Monday, I Love you”...seriously! So when he tells me he is relaxing over the weekend, I’m relieved! Alberto is grateful to be through the roughest parts of the pandemic!


Cassy is spending Thanksgiving with her folks. She’ll be enjoying her dad’s famous stuffing, which is actually some form of savory bread pudding. This year she adopted a german shepard named Yoda, and that has changed her life in many positive ways. He became the glue that brought the “family” together. Now they go on adventures together like cabin vacations, hikes, and backyard play dates. Yoda’s earnest personality has brought new energy into her life and for that she is grateful! Plus, he is easy on the eyes.