Still Life

Passing by an art book left out on the coffee table, I chuckled at its poingnancy, "Still Life".  An oxymoron worthy of contemplation. A classic concept turns contemporary. I thought of drawing class, or even more challenging...painting class. The art instructor of my teenage years setting up a tiresome still life that had been posing for the last 20 intro classes -with renderings from past students displayed around the room, showing its promise. If you've got the patience, that still life will be there for you-unwavering, unapologetic...just there.

I asked Chehalis Hegner to play in this concept with me.  With the first signs of Spring showing on her farm, she created these thoughtful images.

Prayer Flag





Gone with the Wind


On the Vine

Stripes and Knees

Abstract White Shirt

Cottonwood Shirt

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