Work from Home

Personally, I love working from home. My home office is detached from my house-it looks like a tiny house. I am often in there with a cat or two, in my favorite work from home attire-anything comfortable with just enough polish to make me feel like I am actually working. Here is a fun take on work from home dressing these days:

This past April, reporter Will Reeve set up his video camera, put on a suit coat and went live on Good Morning America. Like so many of us in this strange new world of shelter in place, Reeve was working from home. During his segment, as he reported on pharmacies and drones, social media began to erupt. Unfortunately for Reeve, he had failed to check his camera angle. Everyone could see that he had skipped putting on pants for work that morning. As home workers everywhere checked their own camera angles and posted humorous remarks, Reeve became the unwitting symbol of the collision between home and work in an age of Zoom and Skype meetings.

Social media used to be all about filters and perfect lives. Welcome to a new world where camera backgrounds catch family members in the bathroom, children misbehaving, dogs barking and the chaos we used to be able to hide from the world.

Even after we can return to our workplaces, many of us may find ourselves working from home more frequently than before. Join us as we embrace the home workplace and share some tips on how to be camera ready and dress for your short commute. Why not make it more fun and less like…well…work?!

● Pair your favorite jeans and T-shirt with a Willow Jacket or, if you would like a simple yet put-together look, throw on your favorite jumpsuit. The Plaid Delight Overalls are comfy and sophisticated and easy to add a cute outer layer over. Added Bonus: nothing says "getting down to business" more than the menswear plaid found in this cute overall.

Willow Jacket & Plaid Delight Overall

● Jewelry and makeup sometimes just make us feel a little more human. It is easy to forget to add little special touches to make you feel more awake and engaged. Choose your favorite earrings. Apply some lipstick or mascara. You are ready for your Zoom closeup!

● Our Restore Collection pieces are work-from-home favorites. The graphic design is bold yet simple. The Stripe Janey Dress is a comfortable but professional and easy to put on. Our Botanical Journey Jacket creates a fresh business casual look.

Stripe Janey Dress & Botanical Journey Jacket

● Everyone on the video call knows you are still in sweatpants or leggings, even with that gorgeous top and polished coiffure. Our Stripe Taper Pant or Pin Stripe Legging provides the dazzle to stand up during that call!

Stripe Taper Pant & Pin Stripe Legging

● We get it. Some days, you just don’t want to. Toss on one of the Butterfly Scarves over your jammies to add that pop of color and feel a burst of energy. (Cozy Butterfly Scarf, Stripe Butterfly Scarf, & Airy Butterfly Scarf)

Cozy Butterfly Scarf, Stripe Butterfly Scarf, & Airy Butterfly Scarf

● A non-fashion tip -- Shake up your space. No one said those video conferences always must happen at your desk. Create a cozy nook: maybe a chair in front of your bookshelf in the living room (nice backdrop) or a space adjacent to your favorite lamp for some soft lighting.

While we aim to regain a sense of normalcy, taking time to reflect, stretch, and focus on self-care is extra important right now. Staying productive and positive will help zero in on the task at hand -- whether that is our job, our job search, serving as a new homeschool parent or eldercare giver. Taking care of ourselves enables us to put our best foot forward in the direction best for us.